Privacy Policy (including the website platform and mobile website) is referred to as “iSocial Vietnam” and is committed to protecting customer information privacy. Please read the following “Privacy Policy” before accessing other content to better understand our commitment to respecting and protecting our visitors’ rights:

1.1 Purpose of collecting personal information:

We will use the information we collect to:

  • Assist clients with specific requirements.
  • Respond to customer inquiries.
  • To keep you up to date on our latest news.
  • Examine and improve the website’s content and appearance.
  • Carry out promotional activities for iSocial Vietnam products and services.

1.2 Scope of Information Collection

You may be required to register with us to access and use certain services on our website and app (full name, contact phone number, email…). All information declared must be accurate and legal. iSocial Vietnam expressly disclaims any liability arising from the Declaration of Information Act.

We may also collect information about the number of visits, including the number of pages viewed, links clicked, and other information about your connection to iSocial Vietnam. We also collect information from your web browser (browser) each time you visit iSocial Vietnam, such as your IP address, browser type, language, time, and address of access.

The website collects and uses your personal information by the terms of this Personal Information Privacy Policy.


We may use this information to contact you directly in the following ways when necessary: open letters, thank you notes, technical and safety information, regular emails with product information, new merchandise, and information about upcoming events or job postings, If you sign up for email notifications.

For email contact content and general knowledge, the storage time at iSocial Vietnam is unlimited

Subjects who can access customers’ personal information under any of the following circumstances: Partners have contracted with iSocial Vietnam to carry out market research projects. These partners will receive information in accordance with a contractual agreement (which may depend in whole or in part on the terms of the contract) and are bound by a non-disclosure agreement under which they may only be permitted to use the information provided for that purpose to complete the project. In addition, where absolutely necessary, we may disclose or provide your personal information in the following circumstances: When requested by law enforcement agencies; where we believe this will help us protect our legitimate interests before the law; Urgently Necessary to Protect the Personal Safety of iSocial Vietnam

Customers have the right to request access, have errors in their personal data corrected, and have personal information deleted at any time. Users and customers can edit and change their contact information by sending an email to

When you provide us with personal information, you agree to the terms outlined above. iSocial Vietnam commits to and recommends that you follow the following principles to protect your personal information:

  • Do not reveal your username/username and/or password to anyone; write it down or use it somewhere that everyone can see and know.
  • When creating a password, avoid using easily identifiable information such as your name, date of birth, and phone number, as well as characters and numbers that can be deduced from your name, date of birth, and phone number.
  • When you leave your computer, even for a short time, close your system and browser. If you’re using a shared computer, log out or close any open website windows.
  • If you suspect that your password has been compromised, change it immediately and, if necessary, notify and seek iSocial Vietnam support.
  • If your account or personal information is unauthorized, or if you conduct illegal transactions or behaviors due to unintentional or intentional mistakes, iSocial Vietnam understands that you will bear all losses or liabilities imposed by the law and trading.
  • When it is discovered that their personal information is being used for an inappropriate purpose or scope, the user has the right to send a complaint email to and provide relevant information and evidence. The company promises an immediate response within 24 hours to reach an agreement with the user on a solution. If we believe that all personal information provided by a member at the time of the first purchase is incorrect, we will not be responsible for and will not resolve any claims related to a member’s rights.

  • When disagreements or complaints arise, we encourage all parties to negotiate and mediate in order to reach a solution. If we are unable to resolve the dispute, the law requires the disputing party to refer the case to the national competent authority. We respect and strictly adhere to the legal provisions that protect our clients’ interests.

We reserve the right to change the content of the “Privacy Policy” at any time to meet the needs of iSocial Vietnam as well as customer feedback. When we update the policy’s content, we will update the “Last Updated” time below. This “Privacy Policy” applies only to iSocial Vietnam and has no bearing on third parties who place advertisements or have links on iSocial Vietnam Before providing personal information to third-party websites, we recommend that you carefully read their “Safety and Privacy Policies.” We accept no responsibility for the content or legality of third-party websites.

We always welcome comments, contact and feedback from customers about “Privacy Policy”. If you have any questions, please contact


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